SeekStorm sub-millisecond full-text search (Rust) is now Open Source πŸš€

Wolf Garbe
Mar 18, 2024


SeekStorm is an open-source, sub-millisecond full-text search library & multi-tenancy server implemented in Rust.

Available as Open Source at our Github repository with Apache 2.0 license.


  • Lower latency, higher throughput, lower cost, and energy consumption
  • Low tail latencies ensure great user experience and prevent revenue loss


  • high performance and low RAM consumption for billion-scale indices.
  • Unlimited field number, field length & index size.


  • Term proximity ranking provides more relevant results compared to BM25.

+ True real-time search (vs. NRT): instantly searchable after indexing.

Read also our more detailed post on porting from C# to Rust.

Try it out. Feedback welcome.